How To Kill Black Mold

Mold has been found to be very toxic to people. It can affect breathing and cause allergic reactions as well as other problems such as dizziness, asthma, nausea, and coughing. It is especially dangerous around young children and can cause lung problems. The natural environment for mold is water condensation, high humidity, and other moist conditions. It will grow on almost any surface as well has human foods. Sometimes it is very difficult to kill black mold.

How To Kill Black Mold

One often finds an abundance of mold following flooding or other types of water intrusion. It is also often found in homes where people live near a large body of water and have long periods of damp weather. The nutrients which are necessary for its growth are carbon containing materials, temperature and light.

Mold can be found in houses, on purses, cloth, insulation and anywhere that there may be moisture. Many schools and other public buildings have had entire rooms removed because of the discovery of mold. One place mold was reported was in the sinus cavity of a woman who complained of a drainage down the throat. It was discovered that the mold had hardened and was similar to gravel. It had to be removed by surgery.

To control mold indoors one must control the moisture and clean very carefully wherever it appears. However, before anything can be done the source of the mold must be eliminated. This may take some careful checking of all sources of moisture.

In climates where there is heavy humidity or dampness from a body of water, control of the mold must be maintained by prevention. Eliminating areas that are exposed to the moisture is the first step. One will not find mold growing in a dry room that does not have moisture problems. One possibility that is often overlooked is leaking water pipes. This is especially predominant in the bathroom around the toilet and shower areas. A leaking toilet is a common place for mold to grow.

It’s possible for mold to go unnoticed if it’s inside a pipe. Other common places are closets, heaters or air conditioning units. Air conditioning units especially, which are usually dripping water as they turn on and off.

The odor of mold is quite strong and if one smells it than a hunt must begin for the source. Black or green stains appearing on walls is a sure sign of that mold has invaded the property. These stains are always located near the source.

The most common way to kill black mold is by washing the area with bleach. When doing this one must wear a mask and heavy rubber gloves to avoid inhaling the fumes or damaging the skin. This is done after locating and eliminating the source. While one cannot always control the humidity or damp weather it is possible to be sure everything is secure and there are not water leaks or places where moisture can accumulate. If it is found that one cannot stop the mold it may be time to call in a professional to assist with the problem.

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